Welcome to Business Gnosjöregion AB

Welcome to Business Gnosjöregion

Working together for business owners in the Gnosjö region

In the Gnosjö region, four municipalities and commercial companies are working together with the aim of boosting our vigorous, dynamic business community. Business Gnosjöregion AB (BGR) was founded in 2015 as a joint development platform for the Gnosjö region, comprising Gislaved, Gnosjö, Vaggeryd and Värnamo.

Business Gnosjöregion AB pursues common business issues and development projects that benefit trade and industry in
the Gnosjö region – Sweden’s most industrialised.

Today, the manufacturing industry in Sweden accounts for around 20 per cent of our GDP and 77 per cent of the country’s exports and it continues to be strong as well as important for our competitiveness and economic growth. There are currently around 7,000 active companies in the Gnosjö region, most of which are small businesses in the manufacturing industry. This makes us one of Sweden’s strongest parties in business issues for SMEs.

BGR’s mission includes pursuing common business issues, creating and running development projects for the benefit of trade and industry and business operators in the four municipalities.